Airbnb is out – and hotels are making a comeback

Posted by Compass Group on Jun 16, 2022

A decade ago, Airbnb disrupted the tourism industry, offering an alternative to hotel rooms when visiting other places. Travelers loved the concept of staying in a home and the flexibility Airbnbs provide. But, Airbnb’s glory days are over, it seems, as users are waking up to issues that can arise with these vacation rental sites – dirty accommodations, high fees, controlling hosts, and even safety. The backlash against Airbnb has been widespread, with viral TikToks putting issues on full display for the world.

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Construction costs are rising — What does that mean for you?

Posted by Compass Group on May 18, 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the cost of building materials has steadily risen alongside an increasing labor shortage. Supply chain issues have caused a spike in costs and severely extended the timelines for new construction.

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Water, Rest, Shade, Repeat: OSHA's enhanced heat-safety guidelines

Posted by Compass Group on Apr 27, 2022

It is time to beat the heat! No, seriously it is time to beat the heat with OSHA’s new National Emphasis Program (NEP) that will help protect millions of workers from heat-related illnesses and injuries. Millions of workers around the United States and here at Compass Group are exposed to heat and are susceptible to heat-related illnesses/injuries that are preventable thanks to OSHA’s new and improved guidelines that in-house experts enforce at our work sites. 

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Preparing for tornado season

Posted by Compass Group on Apr 5, 2022

Tornado season is upon us. Though tornado activity typically peaks in the spring and late summer, the Southeast is most at risk in April. At any time of year, Florida’s warm, humid air paired with cool breezes from the north is a recipe for the perfect storm. 

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Women in construction

Posted by Compass Group on Mar 1, 2022

Construction is a historically male-dominated field. With women accounting for approximately 47% of the total workforce, supporting female construction workers is vital for long-term industry growth. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up only 11% of the industry. 

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How to develop construction checklists

Posted by Compass Group on Feb 16, 2022

Construction checklists are a must-have for an organized workflow and effective project management.

Checklists are a critical quality-control tool. They are a way to break large projects into actionable tasks while serving as a reference for making sure things get done on time. They can, and should, be used for the management of all aspects of a construction project. The most common construction checklists are for items or activities related to:

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Three things you can do to prevent injury on the job

Posted by Compass Group on Jan 26, 2022

Insights from the 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics report on fatal construction job-site injuries.

The annual release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics census of fatal occupational injuries is one of the best measurements of worker safety nationwide. The latest report shows that the number of fatal work injuries in 2020 was the lowest since 2013.

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Three military skills that apply to a career in construction

Posted by Compass Group on Jan 12, 2022

Compass Group is a veteran-owned business.

Ron and Lisa Flick founded Compass Group in 1999 and have been in the construction industry for more than 20 years. Before starting their company, they met while serving in the military.

The military teaches skills and values such as the ability to adapt, the importance of safety, and teamwork. For veterans transitioning into civilian life, these qualities lend themselves to successful careers in the construction industry.

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3 ways to practice sustainability in the construction sector

Posted by Compass Group on Dec 27, 2021

Sustainable construction means using environmentally responsible processes throughout a building’s life cycle. Reducing the carbon footprint in the construction industry may seem like a daunting task, but the opportunities for construction companies to practice sustainability are endless.

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Construction Industry Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Posted by Compass Group on Dec 11, 2021

The 2022 construction industry trends are promising and, thankfully, nothing like the ones that prevailed in 2020 and 2021. General contracting, land development, construction management, and other components of the construction industry are expected to be highly welcoming as the industry is staying up to date with advancements in technology and environmentally friendly consciousness. 

Here are the top construction industry trends to look out for in 2022.

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