Airbnb is out – and hotels are making a comeback

Posted by Compass Group on Jun 16, 2022

A hotel room.A decade ago, Airbnb disrupted the tourism industry, offering an alternative to hotel rooms when visiting other places. Travelers loved the concept of staying in a home and the flexibility Airbnbs provide. But, Airbnb’s glory days are over, it seems, as users are waking up to issues that can arise with these vacation rental sites – dirty accommodations, high fees, controlling hosts, and even safety. The backlash against Airbnb has been widespread, with viral TikToks putting issues on full display for the world.


Suddenly, everyone seems to remember how great hotels are. They’re comfortable and predictable, and they’re about to enter a new era. Millennials, who traditionally loved Airbnb, will be turning more and more to hotels in the future. So how can the industry attract this new, hotel-curious crowd? Below are two types of travelers to consider when making choices about a new hotel location, design, and amenities. 


Remote workers

Hotels traditionally offer basic accommodations for workers – maybe a small corner in a room to respond to a few emails after a meeting or between conference sessions. Today, people are taking their work on the road with them more than ever before. Many even continue to work remotely while traveling the world. So, hotels should factor in the accommodations needed to work comfortably. Small touches, like quality lighting and easy-to-access, lightning-fast Wi-Fi can make a significant difference and increase marketability of a hotel. 


Outside of the hotel rooms themselves, coworking spaces within hotels are gaining steam in cities across America. Hotels can offer comfortable coworking spaces. Amenities like printers, cords, and private rooms for virtual meetings could attract remote workers who don’t want to work from their rooms.


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Social media influencers

Part of Airbnb’s allure was its Instagram-able settings. Whether a chic city apartment or mid-century modern bungalow, Airbnb guests loved to stay in accommodations that would make their followers swoon. Travelers also want to feel a strong connection to the place they’re visiting. Decisions about the location of a hotel property, as well as architectural choices, are critical in helping to establish an authentic sense of place. And with the right interior design choices, hotels can also lure in this crowd that is hungry for Instagram-able content. 


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