The Design-Build system is a proven, successful approach of providing complete design and construction services under a single point of contact and contract for our client.


Compass Group is responsible for assembling the team of design professionals and engineering services tailored for the specific project and client's needs. This proven system is now more popular than ever and is being used by many federal programs due to its efficiency and savings in both time and costs.

The price proposal is given at the initial concept phase of a project as opposed to the traditional method.

Compass Group Design Build Graphic-1


Compass Group Design Build Graphic


Benefits of the design-build method

Innovation and Collaboration

The Design Build method connects the integral parties involved from the early onset of the project to work together towards the common goal. All key parties are at the same table, early on, to share ideas, methods, and plan strategically for a successful project which drives a collaborative environment and eliminates adversarial conditions for all those involved.


Continuity and Expertise

From the initial idea to project completion, our team bridges the gap between the client and a team of professionals such as architects, engineers, contractors, and additional consultants. Compass Group serves as the single point of responsibility to the owner for the design and construction process, while all other integral components to the project become elements of a pathway to completion, streamlined by the organization and method of delivery


Risk and Cost

The Design-Build method minimizes owner risk through early project design, saving money compared to traditional methods which leave room for cost fluctuation, and has an overall faster delivery of the end product due to our strategic and collaborative planning. 

As proud members of the Design Build Institute of America, we are committed to ensuring that each and every client project is completed with the utmost attention to cost and efficiency, saving you time and money. Please contact us at 904-261-0059 for more information on how to bring your design dreams to life today.