4 tips for selecting an interior design firm for your next hospitality construction project

Posted by Compass Group on Apr 28, 2020

An interior design firm that works well with your hospitality construction project is vital.While interior design is an important part of every construction project, there’s perhaps no industry where it’s more important than hospitality. The interior of a hotel helps to establish a sense of place, enhance comfort, and provide an ultimate opportunity for a company to connect with customers. 

Here are four things to look for when selecting an interior design firm for your new hotel construction project. 

  1. It has hospitality experience. 

When you’re looking for an interior design firm for a hotel project, consider using a firm that specializes in hospitality. This prevents a learning curve in the nuances of hotel design and ensures you have the experts on board to make your project a success. If an industry specialist isn’t a good fit or is out of your budget, ask alternative firms to showcase portfolio examples demonstrating hospitality-related design. 

  1. It values branding.

All interior design projects should incorporate a company's branding elements. Given the many opportunities to connect with guests staying in a hotel, branding is more important than ever. The interior design firm you’re considering for a hotel project should value branding and be able to demonstrate that in its work. Ask your firm about its capabilities to do environmental graphics – like signage – in-house. This streamlines vendors and ensures consistency among all design elements. 

  1. It understands the city/locality.

Creating a sense of place and connection to the local area is critical in hotel design. Try focusing your search on local interior design firms. If local firms don’t fit your needs, make sure the firm you do select can prove its adaptability. 

  1. It plays nice with your architectural firm.

Often, architectural firms have an interiors department in-house. This eliminates many barriers and streamlines the entire design process. If your architectural firm doesn’t have an interiors department, consider asking for a referral for an interior design firm to ensure both firms will partner well. 

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