Compass Group offers extensive land development services tailored to meet the market's ever-changing needs, both private and public.

Compass Group's passion, experience, and unique understanding of the development process gives our clients leverage in creating the best value to bring their vision to life. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations.

In addition, our company will assist:

  • The investors/investor groups seeking developmental opportunities in real estate
  • New and established companies seeking opportunities to expand in existing or new locations


Compass will be your partner in the site evaluation process. To ensure sites meet the project's needs, we will provide essential information for your decision-making process:

  • Feasibility of the site to meet the client's criteria in location and available area for operations (short-term and long-term needs)
  • Infrastructure availability and needs: We will ensure land-use provisions are in place or can be gained for your business plan.
  • Schedule of delivery of the entire project from current to completion
  • Preparation of a study of costs to include all soft and hard expenditures to project completion
  • Complete financial planning for the scope of the project

Site Evaluation


Our years of experience managing the land entitlements processes for companies and investors alike is a noted strength of Compass Group. We have a passion for understanding the entire development and permitting process and will clearly develop and define the process for clients to manage and meet their expectations.

Compass has been the leader of jurisdictional efforts to improve its land development and permitting processes in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. We anticipate agency issues and prevent the back-and-forth process with the government and its agencies. 

As the key to the management of risk for our projects, Compass Group and our assembled team directly handle the essentials of the land entitlements process such as:

  • Future land use amendments
  • Declaration of zoning, changes in zoning, variance, conditional use
  • Master development agreements with jurisdictions
  • Development agreements with state agencies and utilities
  • Right-of-way abandonments or improvements
  • Activating necessary easements and/or abandoning easements


The Design and Development process is an essential aspect of our successful projects. We serve as the single point of contact for the management and coordination of all the professional services necessary for the project's scope and exposure. We help create conceptual designs that meet the client's requirements and help establish a budget early on to provide the best possible value for the success of the project. Our services during this phase may include:

  • Conceptual development of the project with in-progress budget management
  • Design development to meet budgets established in the pro forma and business plans
  • Process and expedite permitting with local, state, and federal agencies