Completing construction two months early

Posted by Compass Group


Amelia Island Company hired Compass Group to build the Shops at Amelia Island Plantation in Amelia Island, Florida. When Amelia Island Company asked Compass Group if they could finish this year-long project two months early to accommodate a special event, Compass Group delivered. 


The Challenge

Amelia Island Company, the developers of the Shops at Amelia Island Plantation hired Compass Group for its knowledge of local Nassau County land development ordinances and construction requirements. The location of the project prevented Compass Group from using cranes to help with construction due to the protected greenery that surrounded it. 

In addition, halfway through the completion of the project, the developer asked Compass Group if they could complete the project two months early in time for the Florida-Georgia football game, one of Northeast Florida’s largest annual events. 

The Solution

To avoid using cranes and heavy machinery that could damage the trees surrounding the construction site, Compass Group built the buildings’ roofs the old-fashioned way. Using a manual pulley and lever system, they were able to raise the trusses of the roof onto the buildings’ foundation. 

To meet the new deadline of finishing the project two months early, Compass Group worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for 45 days. The shops were completed nine days before the weekend of the football game. Once construction was completed, the Compass Group team moved inside to help Shop workers stock shelves for the grand opening.

The Results

  • protected the area’s greenery
  • finished the project two months early
  • completed the project under budget — the owners received a $200,000 refund check

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