Getting city approval for a hotel construction project

Posted by Compass Group


HIHO LLC selected Compass Group to build the Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. When HIHO LLC needed help with local land permissions, Compass Group attended more than 28 public hearings to get the construction entitlements processed. Once approved, Compass Group was able to build a hotel that matched the local architecture and helped revitalize the area’s economy.

The Hampton Inn at New Smyrna Beach

The Challenge

HIHO LLC had been trying to gain approval for more than four years to build a Hampton Inn in New Smyrna Beach before they contacted Compass Group. Compass Group knew the locals were protective of the land since a new hotel had not been built in New Smyrna Beach for more than 28 years, and they were up for the challenge of gaining the entitlement.

The Solution

Over the next nine months, Compass Group attended 28 public hearings including comprehensive land plans, comprehensive land amendments, and rewriting city zoning guidelines while incorporating public and private construction laws. Once approved, Compass Group completed construction in a little less than a year. 

Before the Hampton Inn New Smyrna Beach was built, around 40% of the storefronts on Flagler Avenue were empty. By the time construction finished, the storefronts were 100% filled due to the anticipated increase in tourism the hotel would bring to New Smyrna Beach. 

New Smyrna Beach residents who were originally against the construction of the hotel became complimentary as they expressed how well the hotel fits in with the local architecture and how it brought new business to the town.

The Results

  • building the first hotel in New Smyrna Beach in 28 years
  • complimenting local architecture
  • revitalizing the local economy

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