Green Building in Construction

Posted by Compass Group on Sep 13, 2023

Using green building materials can benefit the environment and your company.

A construction site.The general focuses of running a business have been fairly simple for many generations, such as making profit while maintaining a low cost of business, having efficient and successful teams, and following safety regulations. 

However, as time progresses, a new focus appears across all businesses: lessening environmental harm and the overall environmental impact of your company.

Construction is no exception to this new focus, and it almost applies double to the industry. According to Roodman and Lenssen, building and construction activities worldwide consume 3 billion tons of raw materials each year, or 40% of total global use. 

There are many reasons behind this statistic, but the methodology of building material usage in construction projects is especially important. Are we using these materials and acquiring them as efficiently and sustainably as possible? That answer lies in the widespread implementation of “green building materials.”

We have all heard the term “green” before, but what exactly does it mean within the context of construction? According to a article, these materials “are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources … [and] are environmentally responsible because impacts are considered over the life of the product (Spiegel and Meadows, 1999).” 

Older methods of acquiring materials are finally catching up to us and are proving too heavy of an impact on our planet to maintain sustainably. Not only is moving towards green building important for the environment, but it may also prove to be better overall both financially and healthwise. Benefits of using green building materials may include:

  • Reduced maintenance/replacement costs over the life of the building
  • Energy conservation
  • Improved occupant health and productivity
  • Lower costs associated with changing space configurations
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Associated with local sourcing
  • Getting more out of your resources
  • Reduced overall cost of your project

Our planet has taken a backseat for many years, but this generation of workers, builders, and people will change that. Let’s see the benefits this change brings us in the long run and immediate present. 

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