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For almost two decades, Compass Group's expertise and professionalism has provided the Southeast with a full spectrum of design and construction services, including our popular One-Stop Shopping for Developmental Services, Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting.

All of Compass Group's services are offered on a contractual basis, which enables us to meet  the unique needs of each of our clients at the most efficient cost. Processes such as open-book cost accounting, competitive bidding of all trade services and supplies, as well as no mark-up on construction materials, allow our clients to benefit from significant cost savings, flexible terms and fixed fees.

Developmental Services

Compass Group is your one-stop-shop for developmental services that are tailored to meet the ever changing needs and demands of the market, both private and public.  We specialize in understanding and dealing with coastal developments and the many challenges of meeting jurisdictional requirements, e.g. Florida Department of Environmental Protection, FEMA, Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL).  In addition, our company will assist:

» The investor/investor group seeking a developmental opportunity in real estate.
» Established businesses seeking opportunities to expand in current or new locations.
» The Entrepreneur's vision of building or modifying facility for new business operations.
» And more…

Customer's Vision:

Compass Group's passion, experience and uncommon understanding of the development process give its customers leverage in creating the best value for its vision.  Facilitating a process to develop our customer's vision and those expectations and or limitations for a project is imperative to meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. We will translate this into a Master Plan to performance standards of timely delivery, financial management plan, and a quality project.

Site Evaluation and Selection:

Photo of Building Site

Compass will be your partner in the site evaluation process by ensuring thorough due diligence of those sites meeting the needs of the program by providing essential information to your decision-making process.

» Feasibility of the site to meet the customer's criteria in location and available area for operations (near-term and long-term needs).
» Infrastructure availability and or needs.
» Assuring land-use provisions are in place, or can be gained, for our business plan.
» Determine a schedule of delivery of the entire project from current to completion.
» Preparation of a feasibility study of costs to include all soft and hard costs expenditures to project completion.
» Complete financial planning for the scope of the project.

Land Entitlements:

Our experience and passion of understanding the entire development and permitting process is a noted strength of Compass. Compass has been the leader of different jurisdictional efforts to improve its land development and permitting processes in both Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. We will define the process if it is unclear to avoid many obstacles to best value and timely developments. When there is no defined process we will work with local and state agencies to develop a process, even when it requires a first time non-conventional method to success. We anticipate agencies issue and prevent the back and forth expensive process with government and or its agencies. Processing entitlements thoroughly is key to the management of risk for our projects. Compass Group's and the assembled team directly handle the essentials to land entitlements process such as:

» Ensuring entitlements are conditioned to the final acquisition of lands.
» Future land use amendments.
» Developments of regional impact (DRI).
» Comprehensive plan amendments.
» Declaration of zoning, changes in zoning, variance, conditional use.
» Master development agreements with jurisdictions.
» Development agreements with state agencies and utilities.
» Right-of-way abandonments or improvements.
» Activating necessary easements and or abandoning easements.

Design and Development Process:

Compass has exercised this service most extensively over its history with a multitude of successful projects. Once again, we are the single point of contact for the management and coordination of all the professional services needed for engineering and architectural services necessary for the project's scope and exposure. We are responsible for assembling a team that is balanced to meet our customer's needs,  best value, professional discipline required for the scope of the project, and have demonstrated experience with approving jurisdictions/agencies for streamlined production. Our screening and management of these consultants which are competitively selected bring an enormous value to our customer's and empowering the customer with informed decision-making for the project.  Our services during this phase may produce such as:

» Conceptual development of project with in progress budget management.
» Design development to meet budgets established in the pro-forma and business plans.
» Process and expedite permitting with local, state and federal agencies.

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Design-Build Services

The Design-Build system is a proven, successful approach of providing complete design and construction services under a single point of contact and contract for our client.  Compass Group is responsible for assembling the team of design professionals and engineering services tailored for the specific project and client's needs.  This proven system is now more popular than ever and is being used by many federal programs due to its efficiency and savings in both time and costs.

Design-Build Graphic
The price proposal is given at the initial concept phase of a project as opposed to the traditional method.

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Construction Management

Building Under Construciton

Construction management is a process where a qualified third party provides construction leadership throughout various phases of a construction project including planning, design and construction. The primary emphasis of the process is a team approach which integrates the design and construction phases of a project for delivery within the optimum time, quality and costs.

The construction team is selected by the owner and consists of the owner, the construction
manager and the design professional.  Most importantly, the team has as its common objective
How to best serve the client's interests. Although there are various means and methods by which the Construction Manager may operate, there are generally two models that are used in today's market.

Where the Construction Manager is also the Constructor —also known as CM At Risk (CMAR):

The CMAR provides advice and construction leadership during the planning and design phases of the project and construction leadership, contract management, direction, supervision, coordination, and control of the work during the construction phase.  Generally, the client will contract directly with the design professional and separately with the CMAR. If the CMAR is selected as the general contractor as well, the CMAR will then work directly with the trade contractors. Similar to the traditional contractor, the CMAR has control over the means and methods of construction, the management of the safety of the workers and the delivery of the completed project according to the time, cost and quality requirements of the project owner.  As a result these means and methods conserve time and save money for the client.

Where the Construction Manager is the Owner's Agent:

In this scenario the CM is an agent of the owner and does not design or construct the project. This method of project delivery provides the client with a CM who administers and oversees the planning, design, and construction by the general contractor and/or subcontractors. As the agent for the owner, the CM acts on behalf of the client regarding contract matters as well  ensuring that the performance of a contractor is in accordance with its contractual obligations and industry standards of construction and safety. 

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General Contracting

The phrase "open book cost accounting" is an expression of intent; that intent is to demonstrate the commitment and confidence of partners in a contractual relationship to share information on income and expenditure.

As a general contractor Compass Group is able to bring our knowledge and expertise to the construction process. After negotiating the terms that allow the project owner to cost control the job with Guaranteed Max Price, we will competitively bid the various trades and suppliers. As part of our negotiations with the owner, we constantly seek more cost-efficient and time-efficient means of constructing - this is commonly referred to as "value engineering."  Value engineering is defined as:  an organized approach to the identification and elimination of unnecessary cost. Unnecessary cost is Cost which provides neither use, nor life, nor quality, nor appearance, nor customer  features.  This is a critical practice in all of the services we offer. A competent full-time site manager will, in conjunction with the project manager, direct the work of the subcontractors as well as creating, maintaining and monitoring critical path schedules. As part of our standard practice we offer which sets us apart from other construction companies.

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Construction Management

General Contracting

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